I like watching the ships sailing by.
Ships are the muse of the sea.
They’re the dancers of a musette, the play of life.
Joggling inside the palm of the waves, without comfort and control,
and at the mercy of of the sea.
The ocean and it’s vastness, with it’s beguile equanimity,
a theatrical affirmation of life which one should accepts
what’s left behind and welcomes of which will enter.

The beauty I’ve seen, the one truly revealed to me,
will always challenge my gazing eyes and prevails
until I’ll come to know as the day of my death.
Becoming an observer, the truth you cannot see,
it’s called the only reality.

Many lives have been wasted in the search of love,
trust and faith, when everything I was longing for,
is right in front of me.

I wish for me to change the world.
The evil and injustice, which brings my eyes to tears.
The mantra I’ve to call upon is change begins with me.
To heal its own imperfection, to strive for better days,
the power given, the grace perceived,
will touch a thousand people,
I’ll have to prepare for this.

~Juergen Anthony Riedelsheimer