Neuromuscular Efficiency Training

Neuromuscular Efficiency Training

Resistance training improves strength and promotes muscle growth, but to maximize results occasionally you want to train the nervous system specifically.  The best way to do this is to lower the weight that you would normally use for an exercise and create an unstable environment in which to do the exercise.  This means doing the same exercise, but doing it standing on only one leg instead of two or doing  your pushups with your hands on medicine balls for examples.

When you do a new exercise you get better at it with practice through improvements in your neuromuscular efficiency.  Since neuromuscular efficiency is composed of two separate systems it makes sense to train them together.  However, don’t underestimate the potential in training the systems separately also.  For example; let’s say you are an avid weight lifter and lets focus on your leg muscles, specifically the quadriceps, muscle exercise routines.  If you only do leg extensions on a leg extension machine you will plateau very quickly as far as positive adaptations (muscle growth being one of them) go.  A major part of the reason for this is that there is very little stimulus for change in the nervous system.  In  other words, you would not be telling your body to do something new and so it will stop making improvements to meet the “new” challenges.  When you become stronger at an exercise it is due not only to the size of the muscle, but it is also due to the bodies improvement in neuromuscular efficiency.  In other words; your brain is able to tell more of your muscle cells (fibers) to contract at the same time.

I haven’t done a lot of NET lately. Got to keep working on some more fun and challenging stability exercise program though. I wish I wouldn’t have run out of storage on my phone to show you some of the embarrassing footage of me falling on my buttock at the gym!! haha

Fastest Fixed Gear Bike Ever!!

Fastest Fixed Gear Bike Ever!! Riding your bike that fast is only possible with the right music (Trash Metal Band: Why We Kill) and a GoPro setup!! Enjoy!!

Leaving the Earth Warrior X office and riding your fixie to Kean Coffee and meeting afterwards for lunch for a business and stragie meeting at Seabirds Kitchen Vegan restaurant doesn’t really sound too exciting to post it on the social media. Well, unless you mount your GoPro on your handlebar and explore what your city has to offer after reviewing the footage it might!!

Plus let’s face it. It is a beautiful day in SoCal and riding your bike around town is always fun, right??!! haha

Music by: “Why We Kill” (Dead Ahead, Exterminate)



Your Daily Biorhythm Cycle using Ayurveda and Jyotisha


Your Daily Biorhythm Cycle using Ayurveda and Jyotisha

Simon goes through the 24hr. biorhythm cycle, and how to take advantage of it by knowing when to eat, sleep, have sex, and even ask for a raise!


Simon ChokoiskySimon Chokoisky Simon teaches ASP 1 and 2 Sanskrit as well as ASP 2 Medical Jyotish. He was born to Bulgarian immigrant parents in Phoenix, AZ, where he attended Arizona State University. Dissatisfied with a French major, he turned to Ayurveda in 1998 and, with Jyotisha, began his study in the Vedic sciences.Simon has studied Vastu Shastra, Sanskrit, Jyotisha, and Ayurveda, and worked professionally as a fitness consultant and Ayurvedic massage therapist. He has traveled extensively, and speaks four languages, in addition to studying and teaching Sanskrit.

Animal Chiropractic! Your Dogs and Animals Benefit from Recovery Enhancement too.

I never saw my dog Vega smile as much as in this video!! haha

Your Animals Benefit from Recovery Enhancement too.

Just like awareness of the importance of Wholistic Recovery Optimization for human athletes and performers is increasing … is the awareness about its benefits to non-human athletes & performers.

While many benefits are recognized in the arena of horse racing and field trials, there are other significant health benefits which enhance the quality of life for our animal friends when they have access to wholistic animal recovery care.

It’s interesting how animals actually respond quicker than humans. One reason may be that they don’t form mental blocks that interfere with the healing process…. nor are they concerned with opinions of others.

They just respond. It’s so pure.

Working here with my friend Vega. She loves it!

Raw Chocolate Covered Kale Party!

You or your kids will love the preparation of this simple yet powerful SuperFood!

I’ll do my best since I wing most of my recipes! haha
You’ll need: raw cashews, medjool dates, juice from lemon, himalayan salt, vanilla extract, raw cacao powder, raw cacao nibs, kale (don’t like to use dragon kale for it) water, blender, dehydrator.

Soak medjool dates in water for a few hours then blend all ingredients (minus kale and cocoa nibs 🙂 in a blender to a light syrup like concoction. Add more water until you reach desired consistency. I prepare about 32 ounce for 10 bundels of kale. Perhaps this gives you and idea how much to prepare. I use chocolate, cashews, dates according to how rich or sweet I’d like it to be. I never measure anything! haha

Pour the chocolate brew into a large size bowl, add cacao nibs and kale (wash, dry and remove stems prior) and have fun getting in all covert up. This is my favorite part..well I think my girls like it even more. haha

Dehydrate it using the teflex sheets for about 5 hours and flip it over for another 3-5 hour session depending how crisp you like them.

Hope this helps. Enjoy! 🙂

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows?

Great video explaining “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows?

Melanie Joy, Ph.D. is a social psychologist, professor, and author. She teaches psychology and sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and is the leading researcher on carnism, the ideology of meat production and consumption. She is the author of Strategic Action for Animals: A Handbook on Strategic Movement Building, Organizing, and Activism for Animal Liberation.

Veggie Rendezvous! A short movie. An informative and funny introduction to a plant-based wholesome Vegan lifestyle!

Veggie Rendezvous! A short movie and informative and funny introduction to a plant-based wholesome Vegan lifestyle! It’s a collaboration project between VeganAthletePerformance & WellSport Systems. J. Anthony Riedelsheimer from Vegan Athlete Performance is talking to John Sweredoski Farms about some exotic and everyday Veggies he sells at the Orange Home Grown Farmers Market. Needless to say those two had a lot of fun going through an assortment of veggies that day and sharing some insightful and valuable information with their audience. Kids were welcomed and enjoyed the excursion as well. 🙂

Place: Orange Home Grown, Famers Market,

Farmer: John Sweredoski Farms,

J. Anthony Riedelsheimer,

Dr. James Wells, WellSport Systems,

Music by Vimana Skirmish (Kenneth Charles EmbryBryan KarijanianJ Anthony Riedelsheimer)