Super Humanly Strong Logan Christopher – Super Man Herbs Dot Com Podcast Episode #21

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Listen to Podcast Episode #21 with Logan Christopher from Super Man Herbs ( Great insights about some of the most potent and powerful herbs which can assist and benefit you with your training, recovery and hence increased performance and more…!


About Super Man Herbs:
Super Man Herbs is a family owned company, in fact it is run by three brothers.
It started through each of our own desire to become healthier and more fit. Along with exercise we sought the best food and supplements to achieve radiant health.
As kids we were always enraptured by the super hero’s. From Superman to Batman, the X-men and many more. There’s not a person that thinks why couldn’t I have powers like those. Such is not the case in the “real” world. But yet there is truth to those stories. On some level you can have super powers.


– You can become super humanly strong…
– You can have an immune system that can fight off the worst diseases (of which the general population just seems to be getting more and more of)…
– You can have non-stop energy to work and make money from when you wake up until you fall asleep…


Or the endurance to run marathons and climb mountains with ease…
Plus the mind power to tackle the toughest of problems and wow others with your creativity…


Sure all this takes training and the proper know-how. But to do these physical and mental feats requires a sound mind and a sound body. And the truth is you can’t have those things without the proper base of nutrition.
When so many people began asking what foods we ate and specific supplements we took, we decided the best way to inform them all was through a website, supplying the exact super foods and herbs we regularly consume.
Right now while we offer individual products, soon we’ll have some of the best quality formulas, based on Chinese Tonic Herbalism, Super Food Technologies and Cutting Edge Research for achieving your goal of becoming a super man or woman.
We hope you enjoy the same boundless energy, radiant health, and disease-free living that we do and we hope to support you in your goals to do just that with Super Man Herbs.
Logan is also the owner of “Legendary Strength – Master Your Body and Mind Through Strength”. Great resource at

Logan Christopher

Listen to Podcast Episode #21 with Logan Christopher here:

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Jason Sani – Fitness Guru, Plant-Based Athlete and Founder of Active Mind & Body! Episode #20


Jason Sani


Fitness guru, plant-base athlete and founder of Active Mind & Body Jason Sani shared some great insights about his personal health & athletic journey as well as some great insights about the Nutrition & Supplement Company Nutrasumma! I personally discovered Nutrasumma by merely accident and have tried some of their products and was blown away myself by the standards, utmost friendly customer service and support we at Vegan Athlete Performance have received from them.
Nutrasumma is a fantastic resource for any athlete but particularly also suited for Vegan Athletes due to the integrity of their ingredients.  Nutrasumma is great choice for high nutrient supplementation to ensure proper recovery and peak performance!

Jason Sani is a trained and licensed Culinary Nutritionist that has worked in the Athletics and Sports Medicine industry for 8+ years. While still active in competitive sports Jason turned his focus to Nutrition and training geared towards the active population. With an open minded but focused approach he has committed to being a student of life, worldly wisdom, and motivation. Jason practices what he preaches and leads an energetic lifestyle by example. This site was developed to provide a resource of inspiration and help spread energy in and out of the mind and body. Consider it mind nutrition… it all starts in the mind!

To find out more about Jason Sani or Nutrasumma click on the links below:





J. Anthony Riedelsheimer


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New Vaccine Legislation in California (AB2109) – Violates Your Federal Constitutional First Amendment Rights! Episode #19


Podcast Episode #19

New Vaccine Legislation in California (AB2109) – Violates Your Federal Constitutional First Amendment Rights – For Parents to Choose to Vaccinate or not –

Starting 2014 – This legislation takes the final decision to vaccinate your child or not away from you, the parent and gives it to the Medical Doctor.

Unless repealed,this new legislation will go into play in 2014.

With Vaccination Injury becoming an area of more concern as well as questionable if they are even justified the option to vaccinate ones-self or your children or not becomes a very important decision.

Because the Vaccination issue has received so much well deserved push -back, Big Pharma along with Institutionalized Medicine has discovered away to legislate California Politicians to take your Right to Choose away.

To Repeal ( AB2109) flood Sacramento & Jerry Brown with calls & Letters demanding him to Override & Repeal this abuse of legislation and restore The Right to Choose.

Vaccination. The Wordcloud Medical Concept.


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What’s Your Vibration? Podcast Episode #18









What’s Your Vibration?

Why do we keep asking?

Why is it so important.
– Did you know that Your Vibration is the determining factor in your overall health, your ability to recover & perform optimally.

With the exception of triage in acute care emergency medicine, treating merely the sight of pain or symptom rather than the whole body is disconnected and outdated approach….especially for top performers who wish to obtain Optimum.

While obtaining optimum may not be everyone’s goal, those who desire to do so must adhere to a set of principles which enable them to elevate their Energetic Vibration.

While lower vibrational energy is the gateway to conditions of incomplete healing & health conditions of chronic, it’s obtaining and maintaining higher vibrational bio -energetic levels are required to obtain and maintain optimum.

Learn more about what we are talking about by tuning in to this enlightening podcast…..

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Bunsy Botanikos – Organic Holistic Skin Care! Learn what you put in and on your body in the way of beauty products….really does affect ones Recovery & Performance! Episode #17


In this episode Dr. James Wells and J. Anthony Riedelsheimer invited Nicole and Katie from Bunsy Botanikos to assist us in reinforcing and illustrating our position in the field of enhancing recovery thus performance optimization.

Discover how your choices and daily implementation of these principles can either enhance or hinder your daily performance. Learn, that …what you put into and on your body in the way of beauty products or other substances really does matter and that it has profound impact on ones ability to or not Recover & Perform Optimally. Once one recognizes that “The Living Matrix” of our body, which also includes both the connective tissue system and the skin, is the largest organ system of the body, one will have a greater appreciation of actions one can take to prevent “Drag” or “Resistance” on human performance.

Accumulation of Toxins in any amount within or on our bodies, increase what we call “The Hidden Load.” This inhibits the bodies ability to recover through the process of “cellular drag” not only impairing performance but also promoting vulnerability to chronic conditions. As we already know from application of our “Performance Optimization Formula” we recognize the following.

Performance Optimization = Appropriate Stimulation + Optimized Recovery

Without either, appreciating the variables of Appropriate Stimulation (overload) or those of Enhanced Recovery only less than optimum performance can be obtained.

It’s that simple.

To redefine our Principle of Wellness whether it be for health or fitness….

– Remember that Wellness, as we define it, is the bodies ability to recover daily from day to day stress.

This is particularly imperative to apply for understanding performance optimization.

When we get right down to it, it all comes down to minimizing resistance on cellular energy….or what we refer to as “Reduction of Cellular Drag”. Anything which affects a cell or number of cells in any way, will affect and impact all organs & systems in the Whole Body, simultaneously, regardless if one feels it or not.

Welcome to another part of your journey…..

bunsy botanikos logo

“Bunsy Bontanikos was lovingly founded by two friends, Nicole and Katie, in their kitchen in Southern California.  Together they have been on a quest to create herbal medicine and beauty products that they can feel good about using and embody their passion for living a natural and healthy lifestyle.  All ingredients used in their products are organic or wild-crafted and made my hand in small batches to ensure the integrity of their products.  Their unique medicinal and healing blends incorporate science, therapeutics, and the energetics of plant medicine.  Through the use of their products, they encourage people to reconnect to the Earth and listen to their bodies. Treat yourself to whole body living.”

To find out more about what Nicole and Katie had to share listen to the podcast Episode #17 on our site or at the Vegan Athlete Performance podcast channel on iTunes.

Follow Bunsy Botanikos on their Faceook or Twitter page!

bunsy botanikos products

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Stay healthy & Train smart!

J. Anthony Riedelsheimer & Dr. James Wells


Carlos Casados, Ayurvedic Medicine – Hypnosis & NLP can support your athletic performance. Episode #16


Carlos Casados studied Ayurvedic Natural Therapies (from India) at the California College of Ayurveda and possess a basic knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well. He has studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) both formally as well as informally since his early 20’s. His certifications come from multiple teaching organizations:  Evolution Seminars and Breakthrough Academy as well as through Quantum Change Seminars and The Empowerment Partnership.

His specific, live-training Hypnosis/NLP teachers are: Pina De Rosa (U.S.A.) Matt Brauning (U.S.A.), Paul Davis (A.U.), Matt James (U.S.A.), George Faddoul (A.U.), Curt Sandland (U.S.A.), Igor Ledochowski (U.K.)

Further specializations include: Conflict Resolution; Communication Enhancement; NLP; Time Dynamics; Hypnotherapy; Health and Wellness Consultations, Therapeutic Metaphors, Esoteric Training, Ayurvedic Medicine, Western Mystery Traditions, Chinese Martial Arts and Yoga, Socratic Method, Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

 Get ready to enjoy what Carlos had to say about:

~how hypnosis can help you with everyday life’s struggles from anxiety to obsessions or improving your performance as an athlete.

~Ayurvedic & Chinese Medicine and how it found it’s way into our modern conscious healing, athletic recovery and getting the edge in sports training and competition.

carlos casados


To connect with Carlos Casados please go to:

Or at his office at:

Dan Tian Studio, 801 Baker Street, Suite E, Costa Mesa, CA 92626                               (714) 668 – 0600 -for scheduling appointments

Carlos is available for Skype calls, around the world, as well as for phone sessions. Anyone interested in doing this can contact him, via FB or email at:


Episode #16 on STITCHER:

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Optimized Nutrition & Recovery and how it can support your everyday life – Episode #14.


Dr. James Wells & J. Anthony Riedelsheimer discussing throughout Podcast Episode 14 how Optimized Nutrition & Recovery can support you and your everyday life through just implementing 3 basic concepts. 1) Living Water 2) Move & Exercise 3) Plant-Based Nutrition.

Untitled 18


On iTunes:

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Podcast Episode 15 – Einar Haver – Living Water – Structure, Properties, Benefits, Alkalinity


We felt that this podcast was so important to present…and that Einar Haver in his very special and unique  way was able to illustrate both the physical and energetic properties and differences between “Living Water and Non-Living Water”.  It becomes so clear which water nature intended us to drink. With the body, 70-90 percent water and water the medium through which all cells of the living cellular matrix of our body communicate, it just stands so clear, how important Living Water is to our ability to heal and thrive optimally.

For more information about Einar Haver and The Water Brewery follow the link here:

Einer Haver, The Water Brewerey


Podcast Episode 15 – Einar Haver – Living Water – Structure, Properties, Benefits, Alkalinity

On iTunes:

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Podcast Episode 13 – “Will Travel For Vegan Food Dot Com”




Kristin Lajeunesse from “Will Travel For Vegan Food Dot Com” stopped by at the Vegan Athlete Performance HQ and shared her amazing story on our Podcast Episode 13 with us. She has been traveling throughout the US visiting nearly every Vegan restaurant for the last 14 months now. But her journey is more then just about food.

Doc James Wells and myself were truly impressed by her passion and spirit and looking forward to share her story with you. Here is some background info about Kristin to know before you jump into the podcast.


“More Than Food & Travel

This journey is so much more than food and travel. While these two elements are the outlying forces surrounding my desire to bound across the country, what I really want to accomplish is a lifestyle of self-discovery and nonconformity.

Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to. —Alan Keightley

I’m ready to shift to an ‘unconventional lifestyle,’ if you will. One that enables me to live and work anywhere in the world, take risks for the sake of risk taking, follow my whims, chase and accomplish my dreams, and ultimately live a life worth living (to me, not to anyone else).

I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I’ve spent reading about travel, working exclusively online, and minimalism. Once I happened upon these resources that’s when I knew I hit my personal jackpot. And I’m not talking about money but personal, deep down, true satisfaction simply by finding something that clicked. I’ve discovered an entirely new group of amazing people who have set out on their own journeys. They’ve inspired me and I hope that my website and adventures will inspire you to live a life that fits your personal jackpot.

It’s not about seeing what’s out there and how to fit in, but how to create a life that fits you. —Kelly Holt

I’ll be writing about a lot more than food and travel on this website. I’ll include updates on working for myself, how it’s going, strategies, and resources in hopes that it’ll help you, if you’re feeling like I had been feeling for most of my adult life: worried about what job was right for me, how to fit in to the mold created by society, and stressing about my future. I’d be lying if I said that all of those concerns have gone away. But what I can say is that I have a new, more positive outlook on what I want my life to be and how to make it happen. And ya know what? I’m darn proud of the fact that I’m doing something about it! :)”

Visit “Will Travel For Vegan Food Dot Com” for more info:

WTFveganfood group shotLeft to right: Hetal Kharecha, J. Anthony Riedelsheimer, Kristin Lajeunesse,                                     Dr. James Wells

On iTunes:

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Podcast Episode 12 – The Vegan Movement!


In this episode Dr. James Wells and Anthony are talking about “The Vegan Movement” and their personal experience with it. Conscious – Compassionate -Evolution!

Veganism is the 21st century Body-Mind-Spirit movement!

  • Your body is your temple. Consciously provide and nurture it.
  • Educate yourself, do your own research and don’t just belief anything you’ve been told.
  • Embrace that everything is interconnected with each other and your compassion and love will make a difference in this world for the better.