Athena Woman’s Formula – The Foundational Formula for Super Women of All Ages.

untitled-design-4-1Athena, often times called Pallas Athena, was the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, philosophy, law and justice, mathematics, knowledge, strength, war strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

Like women of today she was multi-talented!

Whatever type of Goddess you are, it’s good to have something there to help support you being your true, best self.

What would happen if you took the #1 Woman’s Herb from Chinese Medicine and took it with the #1 Woman’s Herb in Ayurveda?
This formula all started based on this idea.

These actually work in two quite different ways, and there combination is magical.

“As a tonic [dong quai] works best with shatavari.” – Vasant Lad

Further this formula is rounded out with a number of other powerful herbs and berries.

What does it do?

More Energy*
Mental Focus and Clarity*
Supports Mood and Calms Anxiety*
Hormonal Support*
Metabolic Support*
Immune System Tonic*
Enhances Sex and Beauty*
Yes! All of the above and more…and it tastes pretty good too!

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Let’s introduce you to the herbs inside.

Dong Quai – #1 Woman’s Herb of Chinese Medicine

Dong QuaiIt is also the #1 blood builder, which in China, means more than just the physical blood, although it certainly does that. It supports the bone marrow, immune system, and helps to relax the nervous system.*

One of the classic texts of Chinese medicine, -The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica said “It is all but indispensable for any woman’s disease.”*

Shatavari – #1 Woman’s Herb of Ayurveda Medicine

shatavariThe name Shatavari means “She Who Possesses a Hundred Husbands,” giving you some clue to its benefits. In Ayurveda it is often given as a life-time tonic because of how it supports any woman.*

Specifically the phytoestrogens seems to work on estrogen support, helping with PMS and menopausal symptoms. It’s often thought of as the female equivalent of ashwagandha.*

It helps to bring moisture to the entire system helping to keep you juicy!*

Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen ReleaseAlthough pine pollen is often thought of as a man’s herb it functions quite well for most women as well. The little bit added to the above herbs further rounds out the hormonal support of Athena Formula, specifically with its testosterone and DHEA supporting benefits, as well as its ability to modulate excess estrogen.*

In addition it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and more.

Seabuckthorn Berry

Sea Buckthorn BerriesThe miracle berry of the Mongolian plains is packed full of nutrition. As a unique food that contains omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 all in one place, it has far reaching benefits. It’s name means Shining Horse, as it is great for the skin and hair but it does so much more.*

It evens supports progesterone and DHEA and is regarded for supporting both yin and yang.*

Schisandra Berry

Schizandra berriesSchisandra is another top herbs in Chinese medicine, especially for women. It is well regarded for its abilities as a beauty tonic but it also does so much more.*

It’s support of the liver helps with detoxification, further aiding in hormonal support, as well as overall health.*

Honestly, schisandra is an all-in-one tonic by itself as it enters all twelve meridians, working on all five elements and supplying all three treasures.

Goji Berry

Goji Berries In BowlProbably the most popular of the berries in the blend, here you have a goji juice powder added. Rich in carotenoids and much more, goji also has wide ranging benefits.*

One of the few foods proven to boost growth hormone, it aids in recovery, repair and support of just about all bodily functions. It’s one of the top yin herbs in Chinese medicine and helps to keep all your tissues hydrated.*

Longan Berry

Longan FruitKnown as “Dragon Eyes” we have another berry that tastes great and does a lot. It calms the mind, relaxes, gives mood support, builds qi and energy, improves digestion and skin, and is a blood tonic.*

It’s said to add radiance to the eyes!*

Support Your Beauty from Within

Our Western culture is led to believe that the appearance of your skin and hair is only a matter of the chemical glop you put on them. But their beauty is created from the inside out.*

Pretty much every one of the above herbs is used to support the skin and hair, helping to get rid of things like acne, eczema and can even re-grow hair through their micronutrients and novel constituents.*

The outside is a reflection of the inside and I’m not talking about your character, but just how healthy your entire system is.

All Around Hormonal Support

Dong Quai helps around many hormonal symptoms though its hard to say how exactly this happens. Shatavari is phyto-estrogenic. Pine pollen can definitely aid in androgen support. Sea Buckthorn is believed to aid in both progesterone and DHEA. Many of these herbs can bring calmness and lessen anxiety and thus lower cortisol.*

All in all Athena formula is likely to fairly widely support your hormones from multiple angles.*

Although women’s hormones are quite complex, a more targeted approach might be even better for some, but as full spectrum extracts and powders, this formula can do a lot.

Tastes Great!

While shatavari and dong quai are roots and have some bitter taste to them, the Quadruple Berry Power with their sweet and sour tastes, provide great additional benefits, while also making this our best tasting formula yet.

Simply mix it into a glass of water and it’s almost like drinking juice.

Add it to shakes and smoothies and much more.

Athena Formula Dosage

Recommended dosage is one tablespoon taken once or twice a day. The two tablespoons per day is a good size dose of all of the herbs it contains.

Each 100 gram bag (about 3.5 ounces) contains approximately 14 tablespoon doses, so each bag lasts one to two weeks.

Will it Work for Me?

As much as we worked to create something that would work for every woman that is not possible. It will work wonders for many but not all.

Try it and see how it works for you. If you don’t appear to gain any benefit you can make use of our 365 day money back guarantee.

Here’s a few groups that this may not be best for.


This is not recommended for use with pregnant women. Many of these herbs are used by breastfeeding women as is well regarded for them.

Also it may or may not be useful for women with estrogen-sensitive breast cancer.

Dong quai is generally not recommended for women with heavy menstrual bleeding.

Shatavari is not recommended for women with estrogen dominance, including fibrocystic breasts or uterine fibroids.







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