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Earth Warrior X

A holistic lifestyle change system that proves to enhance overall performance and wellness utilizing plant-based nutrition and Ayurvedic principles.

The mission of Earth Warrior X is to support others on their individual journey to create more balance, success, happiness, increased athletic performance and wellness in their lives without comprising and neglecting our own principles of moral, ethical or spiritual integrity.

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”
― Theodore Roosevelt

Earth Warrior X was founded by Jürgen Anthony Riedelsheimer. He is an  expert VEGAN Athlete for over a decade and helped, trained and inspired many people to adapt to wholesome plant based Vegan lifestyle! He is a Cyclist, Ultra-runner, Musician, Environmental & Animal rights Activist who believes in living a Vegan lifestyle will make a difference for the better in all of our lives & the planet Earth!

Born in Donauwoerth, Germany, Jürgen Anthony Riedelsheimer showed a talent and interest in music at a very young age performing vocals, drums & percussion. His formal drum and music education included rigorous private studies with world-renowned contemporary artists spanning all genres throughout Europe and the U.S. His formal music education includes Jazz & Rock School in Freiburg, Germany, a satellite school of Berkley College of Music in Boston, MA. He also attended Music College in Regensburg, Germany. Jürgen Anthony holds a degree in Jazz & Contemporary Music and Education.

His passions are great but not limited to music. For Jürgen Anthony, cycling has become very dear to his heart. He lives by a philosophy of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and has inspired others to progress through good nutrition, exercise, and a healthy positive attitude. Anthony completed his “Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition” on November 2013 2013, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell.

More info about Anthony on About.ME and other Social Networks here: http://about.me/janthonyriedelsheimer
Earth Warrior X offers lifestyle change programs for everyone interested to adapt to a wholesome plant-based lifestyle. Those programs can stretch from basic nutrition training and preparation of healthy high-nutrient dense recipes to complete reorganizing of your shopping habits and education on hidden chemical and toxic substances in our every day food supply. Furthermore we can provide you with tailored detoxification programs based not only on your physical type but also considering your mental and emotional circumstances. We will then incorporating all your information and providing a support system which will lead to a long-lasting journey of ultimate healthy & wellness and increased athletic performance.

Earth Warrior X has formulated Ayurvedic Fitness & Recovery Formulas for athletes and a specifically designed formula for women in order to allow everyone to experience all the amazing benefits of reduced inflammation, which is a culprit and know to initiate diseases in our bodies, and enhanced recovery, detoxification, weight loss, hormonal balance, increased strength and stamina. The Ayurvedic herbs are sourced from the finest small farms in India and Nepal with the highest standards and hence to the  benefits of our customers.

Ayurvedic Herbs are proven to have strong restorative biological effects with health boosting actions, without the dangerous side effects of steroids. They improve the optimal functionality of the body, balancing biological hormones, secretions, and enzymes. Herbs have been used extensively by ancient athletes and warriors alike to boost their performance, enhance strength and endurance and improve mental focus and concentration.

Benefits of Earth Warrior X Ayurvedic herbal formulas:

● Powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging effect
● Maintaining hormone and enzyme balance
● Improving circulation and lymphatic flow
● Increasing endurance and energy levels
● Detoxifying and removing wastes
● Increasing strength and endurance
● Building muscle
● Improving digestion/metabolism
Who can benefit from this formula?

Anyone looking to improve general fitness, enhance sports performance, build strength, increase endurance and improve muscle tone. Anyone suffering from injuries, lack of stamina, or repetitive injuries due to sports or active lifestyle. Anyone who is under too much stress or worry. Individuals suffering from excessive stress or anxiety can benefit from the anti-anxiety and calming effects of the Earth Warrior X proprietary formulas.
The formulas possesses herbs that boost the body’s immune system, in turn causing a positive calming and relaxing restorative effect on the nervous system. This benefits those who suffer from excessive stress and strain, or lack of sleep.  Anyone looking to boost his/her immunity and energy level. Anyone looking to boost his/her libido and improve sexual function.

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